🥷Ninji Wallet for Injective

Your Key to Effortless Web3 Finance on Injective

What is Ninji Wallet?

Ninji Wallet is an agile crypto wallet, built exclusively for Injective ecosystem. It is designed for those exploring blockchain and Web3, providing them with an efficient and straightforward solution to manage digital assets and access to the Web3 world.

By offering ease, security, and instant connectivity to Injective dApps, Ninji Wallet unlocks the full potential of Web3 for a broad audience, setting itself apart as the go-to wallet for effortless Web3 experience.

Our Vision

Ninji was born with a Vision of becoming the leading crypto wallet for effortless and secure access to Web3 finance, empowering a global community to harness the full potential of the Injective ecosystem.

Where to find Ninji Wallet?

Currently, Ninji Wallet is live on Chrome. With Ninji Wallet, your fund stays entirely in your control, and your privacy is truly respected.

You can download Ninji Wallet here:




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