How to stake on Ninji Wallet

Staking/Voting is a function that allows users to stake their INJ tokens and earn profits right in the Ninji Wallet.

This approach is mostly used for users who already have their wallets.

Step 1: Open the Ninji Wallet and click Stake in the menu displayed on the Home screen;

If it's your first time staking, click Stake Now to initiate the process.

If you have already voted/staked, you will see the screen below.

Step 2: Choose a validator from the available options. Here we choose Black Panther as an example.

Step 3: Input the desired amount to stake and click Review;

Note: You need to keep some INJ in your wallet to cover the gas fee for your staking transaction.

Step 4: Double-check the provided information and click Confirm to complete the staking process.

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