How to use DApp Browser


Upon accessing the Ninji wallet and entering the DApps section, you'll be greeted by the DApps home screen. This screen consists of several key elements:

  1. Search Box: This search bar allows you to find specific DApps. Enter keywords related to the DApp's name, category, or description. The DApp list will update dynamically to match your search criteria. The search is not case-sensitive.

If no DApps match your search, you'll see an option to "Search {keyword} with Google". Clicking this will redirect you to a Google search page for the entered keyword.

  1. Manage opening tabs: The tab section displays the number of tabs that are currently opened in the DApp browser. Clicking on it will open all tabs in a grid view.

  1. DApp Category: This section allows you to switch between different categories of the DApps:

    • All: This tab displays a list of all available DApps.

    • Favorites: This tab shows only the DApps you've added to your favorites list.

    • DEX, NFT Market, LaunchPad: These tabs display DApps belonging to their respective categories.

How to access the DApp Browser on Ninji Wallet

Step 1: Click Browser on the home screen.

Step 2: On the DApp Browser interface, enter the name/URL of the DApps you want to access in the search bar.

Step 3: Connect your wallet after entering the DApp.

To switch to another wallet address for the connection, you can click on the selection tab in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to interact with DApps using DApp Browser

  1. Connecting to a DApp: When you interact with a DApp requiring a transaction (e.g., swapping tokens, staking), the DApp will initiate a connection with your Ninji wallet.

  1. To Sign a Transaction:

    • When you conduct any transaction on a DApp, a popup will appear on your screen requesting your permission to sign the transaction for DApp:

  2. Reviewing and Adjusting Gas Fees (Optional):

    • The Ninji wallet popup might allow you to adjust the gas fee associated with the transaction. This will involve setting a custom gas for the transaction.

    • Understanding Gas Fees: Gas fees are network fees required to process transactions on the blockchain. Higher gas fees generally lead to faster transaction processing but also incur a higher cost.

    • Read more about gas fee here:

  3. Signing or Cancelling the Transaction:

    • Click "Sign" to confirm the transaction with the displayed gas fee. Upon successful execution, your transaction will be completed, and your wallet balance will reflect the changes.

    • Click "Cancel" to discard the transaction and close the popup.

Your Role in secure DApp Interaction:

  • Pay Close Attention: Always be mindful of the DApp you're connecting with.

  • Review Requested Actions: Carefully examine the permissions requested by the DApp before granting authorization.

  • Only Connect to Trusted DApps: We recommend researching and understanding a DApp before granting access to your wallet. Look for reputable and well-established DApps.

  • Review Transaction Details: The sign transaction popup will display details about the transaction, including the amount involved (for swaps and staking). Ensure the information matches your expectations.

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