How to override wallet

What is the Override Option?

At Override Wallet interface, you will see a toggle labeled "Metamask". This option controls whether Ninji or Metamask will be used for transactions.

In case you have multiple wallets (e.g., Ninji and Metamask) activated on the same Chrome window:

  1. When you select the Metamask option to conduct a transaction on certain DApps, a Ninji Wallet popup will appear

  2. The popup of Ninji allows you to confirm the transaction using Ninji Wallet, ensuring all transactions are processed through Ninji

How to enable Ninji Wallet to override Metamask\

Step 1: Open Ninji Extension Wallet, choose Discover tab.

Step 2: Select General, choose Override Wallet

Step 3: By default, the toggle of the Metamask icon is always enabled. This means that Ninji is the default wallet that overrides the Metamask wallet when you conduct transactions on a DApp.

After setting Ninji to override Metamask Wallet, you can proceed with transactions as usual. Whenever you select Metamask to conduct transactions on a DApp:

  1. A Ninji Wallet popup will appear

  2. Confirm the transaction using the Ninji wallet

How to disable Ninji Wallet to override Metamask

If you prefer to use Metamask as your default wallet, you can disable this Override option at any time:

Step 1: Open Ninji Extension Wallet, choose Discover tab.

Step 2: Choose General, select the Override Wallet option

Step 3: Locate the toggle labeled "Metamask -> Toggle off to disable the option

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