Are there any service fees on Ninji Wallet when I send tokens?

No, there is no service fee when sending tokens from Ninji Wallet.

However, on DeFi platforms like Ninji Wallet, you need to prepare the father token of that blockchain to pay the network fee (Gas fee) to execute any transactions on any blockchain. In the Injective Network, the network fee will be charged in INJ Token.

Gas Setting on Ninji enables you to adjust the gas fees with different transaction processing speeds bringing the trading experience to a new level.

How to use the Gas settings

The default gas fee on Ninji is set at the standard rate for the fastest speed at the most reasonable cost. In addition to the default gas fee, Ninji also has an optimized gas engine that allows adjusting the gas fee according to your needs.

You can adjust the Gas fee as below:

In the Send interface, slide the Gas Settings bar at the desired Gas fee level.


  • Save some of the father tokens in advance to pay the transaction fee.

  • Transaction fees can be unexpectedly high when the network is congested. In this case, you should refer to the average transaction fees on blockchain explorers before taking action.

  • You can use the Gas Setting for both trading and transferring coins/tokens on Ninji.

  • This is the fee required by the blockchain to proceed with your transaction, Ninji does not charge this fee.

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