How to send token with SpaceID

Feature Overview

The SpaceID Integration - Send Token with ID feature enables users to:

  • Input domain addresses instead of full addresses.

  • Eliminate the need for manual copying and pasting of recipient addresses.

  • Enhance user experience and convenience in sending tokens or NFTs.

How to send a token with SpaceID

Step 1: Open the Ninji Wallet

Step 2: Navigate to the section for sending tokens or NFTs

Step 3: Kindly refer to the tutorial guide below which can provide clear instructions on how to transfer tokens/NFTs from Ninji to another wallet.

How to send or receive tokensHow to send or receive NFTs

Step 4: At the step of inputting the recipient address, instead of entering the full address, you can input the SpaceID of the recipient. Ninji will check the ID and then detect and fill in the address automatically

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