How to send or receive tokens

How to Send tokens?

This feature allows you to send a chosen token amount to a specific wallet address.

Step 1: Access to Ninji Extension Wallet

Step 2:

  • Method 1: Choose a specific token and click Send.

  • Method 2: Click Send, then select a specific token

Step 3: On the sending interface, kindly input the token amount, then click Next.

You can custom gas fee at this step. Kindly bear in mind:

  • Before making transactions on any blockchain, you need to prepare the father token of that blockchain to pay gas fees.

  • Read more about gas fees here:

Step 4: Enter the wallet address, and Memo (if any), then click Review.

There are 3 ways to input the recipient address:

  • Enter manually the recipient address

  • Click the contact icon to select the wallet available in the Ninji Extension Wallet

  • Click the Paste button to paste the address that you have copied into the clipboard

Step 5: Click Confirm to confirm the transaction.

After the transaction has been finalized, the sender will be redirected to a transaction details page, and the recipient will get a message that they have received the assets.

How to Receive tokens?

Step 1:

  • Method 1: On the Home screen, choose a token that you want to receive

  • Method 2: On the Home screen, click the Receive button, then select a token you want to receive

Step 2: Click Copy Address or scan the QR code to get the wallet address.

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