How to add a view-only wallet

Ninji Wallet allows users to add a view-only wallet when there is a wallet address. Users can only view balances, assets, and transaction history for view-only wallets and cannot perform transfer actions

Step 1: Access to Ninji wallet

Step 2: Click on the Wallet section at the top left corner, then Click the [+] Icon on the top left corner

Step 3: Click Add a view-only wallet to initiate a new view-only wallet

Step 4: Input wallet name and wallet address

The system will automatically generate the wallet name with the following rules: View-Only + [(Total number of wallets) + 1]

If it is duplicated, the following rule will apply: <View-Only + [(Total number of normal wallets) + 1] + 1>

→ Click Add to complete the process and navigate to the home screen of that wallet

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