How to restore a Hardware wallet

How to restore a hardware wallet?

Hardware wallets can only be restored, not created

Please ensure that you have performed the actions below before starting the restore process

  • Plug in the cable if USB is selected as the connection method

    • Turn on Bluetooth if Bluetooth is selected as the connection method

  • Enter the pin to unlock the hardware wallet

  • Select Cosmos chain in the hardware wallet

Step 1: Access to Ninji wallet

Step 2: Click the Wallet section at the top left corner, then click Add Wallet Icon on the top left corner

Step 3: Choose Hardware Wallet in the Import Wallet section

Step 4: Select connection method:

  • USB

  • Bluetooth

→ Then click Connect to connect to the hardware wallet

You should click Confirm on the hardware wallet for the connection to take place successfully

Step 5: Select a wallet to restore then click Import to complete the process

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