How to restore a wallet on Ninji

Restore a wallet is a function to help users import their wallet into Ninji Wallet. This approach is mostly used for users who already have their wallets.

Step 1: Access Ninji wallet

Step 2: Click on the Wallet section at the top left corner, then Click the Add Wallet Icon on the top left corner

Step 3: Select an option to restore at the Import Wallet section

  • Passphrase or private key

  • Hardware wallet (Refer to Restore Hardware wallet)

  • External wallet

Step 4: Input Passphrase/Private key to restore then click Restore to import the wallet

Restoring wallets from external wallets, the app will display the import guidelines. You need to click Import Wallet to input the passphrase/private key.

Step 5: Input wallet name, and avatar then click Start Using to complete the process

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