I can't recover my wallet by using Passphrase

Firstly, if you encounter this situation while using Passphrase, try to use Private Key to recover the wallet. If this method still does not work, you can refer to the following ways.

1. The passphrase/ private key wasn't correctly input.

The passphrases/ private keys may have missing letters or typos. Check to see if you entered anything incorrectly.

2. The passphrase/ private key was correctly input but in the wrong order.

Please keep in mind that different passphrase orders will result in different wallets. Make sure the seed phrase is entered in the correct order.

3. The passphrase/ private key wasn't correctly written down originally

The passphrase/private key wasn't written down correctly the first time. In this case, we can't assist you in retrieving your wallet because we don't have access to or save your passphrase or private key.

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